Can You Add a Skylight to an Existing Roof?

Considering adding a skylight to your existing roof? Before you start planning, it’s imperative to grasp this project’s implications and potential challenges. While the idea of introducing natural light into your home sounds appealing, there are several key factors to address to guarantee a successful installation. From structural considerations to design choices, the decision to […]

Can I Install My Own Skylights?

Imagine setting sail on a DIY skylight installation journey equipped with your tools and determination. You might wonder, can you navigate the complexities of the process solo? As you weigh the possibilities, consider the challenges and rewards of this home improvement venture. But before you take the plunge, there are vital factors to ponder that […]

Are Vented Skylights Worth It?

If you’ve ever pondered whether vented skylights are a practical addition to your home, you’re not alone. The concept of welcoming natural light and fresh air can be enticing, but the decision-making process involves more than aesthetics. Considerations such as functionality, energy efficiency, and potential drawbacks come into play when evaluating the true value of […]

5 Need To Know Decking Tips

Decking is an excellent addition to any home. It’s sure to add a subtle yet powerful look to any property.  From providing you with a spot to enjoy the summer sun or as a place to indulge in a casual evening with friends, a decking in your backyard can help improve your living space.  Even […]

How to clean a skylight

Skylights are a great addition to a home for their aesthetics, energy efficiency, and natural lighting and heating which is why many people decide to install skylights. One thing everyone should think about when deciding to get a skylight is the maintenance and cleaning of a skylight as these need to be done often and […]