Waterproofing Explained: What is GRP Roofing?

What does GRP mean? Glass(fiber) Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a composite material that consists of a polymer matrix and glass fibers. The polymer matrix is usually an epoxy, vinylester, or polyester thermosetting resin. Fiberglass sheets are a common type of fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber. The fibers may be randomly arranged, flattened into a sheet, […]

What is a U-Value?

Simply put, what is a U-Value? Without getting too technical, lets explain U-Values! A U-Value is a measurement of how effective a material is as an insulator. Which is extremely important for Windows and Skylights, seeing as they are going to be part of your home. Basically, when we install any Window or Skylight we […]

Beat the Summer Heat with Roof Vents

Beating the heat of the hot summer months in Australia is a challenge many homeowners face but finding ways to cool down your home without running the aircon 24/7 is possible. Reducing HVAC energy costs is something most Australian homeowners strive for while searching for an alternative solution for cooling down the house on hot […]

Save on Summer AC Costs

Summer in Australia can be sizzling hot. So, many homes use their AC units a lot, and can spend much of their time inside to escape the heat. Many people tend to keep the aircon going full blast, but this can result in high expenses. With this in mind, we’re going to share one of […]

Are You an RSSMasher?

Auto-Blog like a ProRSS Feed mashing to a custom RSS Feed that you can use anywhere online. Money Hook Technology Customize Each post With your own money links, banners, And even videos. Ultimate Backlink BuilderAutomatically shares your blog post links On Twitter And Pinterest. Powerful Posting SchedulerEasily converts RSS feeds into blog posts that are […]

The Importance Of Regular Skylight Maintenance And Cleaning

Skylight maintenance and cleaning are critical yet often overlooked elements of any building’s structure. How can the proper upkeep of skylights contribute to the freedom we all desire? Regular skylight maintenance and cleaning are essential for ensuring that buildings receive optimal levels of natural light, ventilation, energy efficiency, and protection from water damage. This article […]